How to have a Boho room

Do you want your room to look like an escape? Do you want to have an adventure with all the different layers, patterns, textures, and colours in your room? Well, then why don’t you try having a bohemian aesthetic for your room, and if you don’t know what bohemian means allow me to explain it to you. “Bohemians were originally travelers or refugees from Europe” Wikipedia, but when you are talking about Bohemian style it’s a type of style that doesn’t have a lot of structure for the most part. As well there are different colours, textures, and patterns involved in the overall style of the room. Bohemian style and hippie style are terms that are interchangeable with each other, because of the fabrics, retro patterns, neutral, and warm-toned shades that both of these styles tend to portray. Essentially bohemian style is intended for you to not follow any rules, and to personalize it yourself. 

Now that you know a bit about the history of the bohemian aesthetic, and how it can be used in interior decorating let’s see how you can transform your room. 

Colour scheme

No matter what aesthetic you want your room to be it’s a good idea to have a general idea of what your colour scheme is going to be. A popular colour scheme for bohemian rooms is neutral colours for the main colour for example different shades of brown, pink, orange, and yellow. Now you don’t have to necessarily use these colours, but if you don’t want to use those shades remember this: earthly tones are perfect for any boho room. 


Most rooms tend to have metallic accents throughout them from knobs on drawers to lamps on a nightstand. When you are creating your boho-themed room some good metallic shades are gold, silver, brass, or chrome. Here are some simple ways to add metallic shades into your room:

  1. Drawer knobs
  2. Picture frames
  3. Lamps
  4. Ornamental items (ex. vases, candle holders)
  5. Metallic art pieces


Colours are the basis of your room, but patterns are more engaging to your eyes. Some people have a fear of using multiple different types of patterns because they might clash or it might make the room look too cluttered. That is true some patterns do clash with each other, but there is a method to the madness. PLAY WITH TEXTURES! One thing that you can do is to have a couple of different materials with your patterns. For example, you can have an emerald green baseboard that is a velvet type of texture with earth-toned furry, and silk pillows. Then underneath your bed have an abstract type of rug. Tada you can mix different materials of different colours, and the textures of materials in your room. Not only is that fun, and engaging it won’t clash with the other items and patterns in the bedroom.

pattern on a couch

Complimentary Colours

Once you’ve mixed different types of materials with your pattern let’s mix in different colours. Earlier in this blog post, I was talking about how it’s a good idea to use earthly colours in your boho-themed room. I still stand by what I said, but for the decoration in your room, you should use opposite colours. By opposite colours, I mean complementary colours, for example, if you have a yellow bedframe then for your bed sheets or duvet it should be purple for contrast. Complimentary colours are colours that are opposite of each other on the colours wheel that make each other pop out. The reason why yellow and purple work well together is because yellow is a warm colour and purple is a cool colour. So when you are getting patterned items for your room try for the colours to be complementary to the main colour in your room. 

complimentary bed

Does not need to be bold

If you don’t want your room to be, so bold with the colours then try to get patterned items that are in the same colour family or similar colour family. For example, if you have a yellow headboard you can have an orange duvet and a brown rug. The final items for your room are decoration pieces.


The final touch for your bohemian-themed room is for you to get some final decoration pieces. Here is a list of some bohemian decorations that you can add to your room:

  1. Plants
  2. Vases
  3. Wallpaper
  4. Picture frames
  5. Paintings
  6. Hanging lamps
  7. Curtains 
  8. Pillows
  9. Rugs
  10. Blankets

Now, these are decorations items that can be used in any type of aesthetic because these are basic room decorations. The way that you can make those items look boho is by the colours, patterns, and textures that you choose the products to be. For example, you can have furry pillows, plant wallpaper, a knit blanket, and a gold picture frame. It’s all about customization my friends, you can customize anything to make it look like anything you like.

Plants in bedroom


That’s it, you have learned about the bohemian style/ aesthetic, and how to make your room like it. I am glad that you have made it to the end of this post, and I hope that you will stick around to see my other blog posts. Finally, if you want to follow me on my social media sites I am on Instagram and Pinterest @creativethinkerdesign. Connect with your inner creative self to create your dream space!

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