About me!

Hello, everyone, I am so glad that you have found my blog! I’m a high school student who has always been a little quirky, creative, loud, and outspoken sometimes. Some hobbies of mine are photography, music, video editing, swimming, and of course, interior decorating. My dream, and hope for you after reading some of my blog posts is that your quirky, fun, creative side of yourself leaps out. I want you to get inspiration, and take action from that inspiration, and make your living space into your dream place.

5 years ago I wouldn’t have thought that binge-watching Mr.Kate and the Property Brothers would result in me having my own blog talking about interior decorating. Throughout the past 5 years, I’ve realized that they’re so many different types of aesthetics out there and that it can be hard, and confusing to find yours. The value that I want you guys to receive from my posts is inspiration, and one day for you all to find your aesthetic(s). 

“Creativity never goes out of style”- Unknown

Since creativity never goes out of style neither should your aesthetic(s), so aesthetics that are just trends should not be used for your living space. Make sure that your aesthetic is what you actually like, and something that is not just trendy for rooms at the moment. Now you may be wondering what the different aesthetics? Well there are plenty of different aesthetics, and my blog post is about me explaining different aesthetics, and how to make your room look like that aesthetic. It may seem daunting to see a bunch of different aesthetics, but don’t worry, because my job is to guide you through that process. When guiding you through that process to find your aesthetic I want it to feel like this is a part of you and not some random part of yourself that was never there. Sometimes we have to dig deep to find ourselves, and that’s exactly what I want for you guys to do. Dig deep into yourself, and find your aesthetic through my blog posts, and inspiration pictures.

Now you may be wondering how I got into interior decorating? I got into interior decorating because it’s something personal, and there are no rules to it per se. You can be as creative as you want to be, and people can say that they don’t like that room because it’s not their style, but it works for you. Growing up in grade school I liked doing things my way, and I thought in a creative way, which worked well for projects, but not for tests. So whenever I can be creative I take that opportunity to be so, and I put everything into it so that my teachers could see how much effort I put into my work.  This is the same mindset that I have for my blog post, I try my hardest, and just be me, so that you all can see how much I know about these different aesthetics.

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